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So you may think you are too old to start ballet training. But you are wrong. It doest mean tutu’s and pointe shoes, but the actual traing has many benefits.


Ballet helps with, core strength, co-ordination, helps with your posture and gives you better control over your body.


One of the main things ballet training provides you with is flexibility. Most of the ballet barre work is aimed at flexibilty so you will see improvement quite quickly, especially if you have limited movement it can really help.


One of the main things we focus on in ballet is our posture. With training this improves immensley, and can help with back problems and the way in which we carry ourselves. 


Ballet isn’t just about cardio. Done correctly a training session can be the equivelant of a small weight session. And this will increase. You will become a lot fitter to be able to do the everyday things in life.


Ballet training is a great way of becoming fitter, it improves your stamina and your cardiovascular endurance, and you will find tht things such as walking multiple flights of stairs becomes a lot easier than it did before.


Ballet as with other types of training releases endorphines making you feel happier and healthier. Taking the odd class can really help re-engergise your mind and have a bit of a refresh.


It can give you an increased sharpness in your cognitive function. Certain studies which have been carried out show that dance training can slow and sometimes even prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.


It makes you get a great workout so you will certainly start to see weight loss and toning once you really start.


In ballet we are taught to stand tall. It really helps build our confidence and become more aware and comfortable over our bodies.


Some people find it a great stress releif. When dancing you completley clear your mind of everything else and totally focus on what you are doing. It gives you a break and takes you away from the everyday stresses and strains we have in life. Peple often say say they have a better sense of wellbeing after taking a class.


We offer adult ballet training classes for everyone, and don’t worry we don’t expect the tights and leotard, its about the technique, your posture and execises at the barre which can improve you strength and flexabiliy.

As we said above it can really help with back problems especially as you start to get stronger and progress.

So contact us for some more info on 07732400731

(please remember you must seek proffessional advice before starting and excerise)

We look forward to hearing from you.





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