Mum And Baby Fitness And Fun Classes

Mum And Baby Fitness And Fun Classes

These classes are perfect for new mums who struggle to get to fitness classes, the gym, or just feels too self-conscious to go.

Being a new mum myself again i know all to well just how hard it can be, and even more so in these times as they are.

So, as a qualified personal trainer i decided to put together classes i have designed especially for exercising with your baby. 


The class workouts are designed to give you a full body workout using your baby as your weight, which they really enjoy. We usually start off with standing exercises, travelling exercises including lunges, squats etc.

Then towards the end of the class we use our matts to stretch off and use soothing music (normally resulting in our little one’s nodding off) and giving us mummy’s time for a quick tea of coffee. 

We have had some great feedback from out classes and my ladies are seeing results too.

For more information call us on 07732400731 or drop me a message. We look forward to hearing from you





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